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Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
containing genetically modified organisms. monsanto, dow, pepsi, and coke are spending millions fighting the measure, which could impact labeling practices across the country. we will host a debate. then, michael pollan, author of, "the omnivore's dilemma" and "in defense of food." >> why the industry is so intent on not having this product labeled? they think people would not i entered the reason they would not buy it is it offers the consumer nothing. no benefit. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from stanford university. at least four children have reportedly been killed in a u.s. military attack in afghanistan. afghan president karzai disclosed the attack on tuesday, saying the victims died after it ended caught in the middle of a firefight between u.s. forces and taliban militants while tending to livestock in the eastern province. in syria, international mediator lakhdar brahimi is claiming the syrian government has agreed to a brief ceasefire during the muslim holiday. brahimi a
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am PDT
. thank you erik. > > thank you. just ahead, will investors in monsanto reap what they sow? chart talk is next. matt cavanaugh of cmz trading joins us now for chart talk. matt, monsanto is one of those stocks we talked about extensively during the drought. it had a good run, but sold off yesterday on earnings concerns. is this a buying point for investors? > > i think that it's a holding point for investors. this is a really big support level for monsanto. they came out, their earnings were a little bit less than what the street was expecting. it looked like their fourth quarter was weak, but it typically is weak. this is a great company, but i think it's a really big inflexion point for them, and i would say wait and see what happens. > > where would you like to purchase this stock if you could? > > below $88, $89 a share. i think the next lot of support is $82 a share. but you know, you're really not going to go wrong with this over the long- term, i believe. you're still getting a pretty decent yield of 1.7%. the fundamentals in agriculture are strong and remain strong, and monsanto is
Oct 3, 2012 4:30pm PDT
-mobile is dry. ruben ramirez, "n.b.r.," new york. >> tom: it was a tough summer for monsanto, but the company said just wait until next year. the company lost more money than feared in its most recent arter. that sent monsanto shares down more than 2%. they were at multi-year highs last week. as for next year, monsanto told investors seed sales should jump. diane eastabrook has details. >> reporter: analysts say monsanto's fourth quarter earnings took a hit because farmers purchased the bulk of their corn and soybean seeds earlier this year. excluding special items, monsanto lost $.44 a share in the quarter that ended august 31, double what it lost in the same quarter last year, and bigger than analysts expected. but the company thinks t bad news ends there. monsanto forecast seed sales to increase just shy of 20% in the current fiscal year. analysts think that's a reachable target because international sales should be strong and u.s. farmers will be rebounding from last summer's drought. >> in terms of impact of the drought grains stocks are low so corn and soybeans and the other see
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Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT
march 24 of 2011 her favorite stock at the time was monsanto, up more than 30% since then. cassandra, do you still like it, quickly, on monsanto? >> still like monsanto. we would buy it here. because the long trend remains in place. population in the world is going to continue to grow, and that's the driver because we need seed technology. liz: we need food. okay. let us go straight here and say that there are people who still believe the fiscal cliff is coming, and europe is still a problem, and there's so much -- and i want to remain conservative yet pick sticks -- pick stocks still. how do you go about doing that? >> you pull out a few hairs every morning. [laughter] yes we still have those issues in the backdrop, but you have to look domestically at what is going on, and we seem to have found a bottom in real estate. and so that is now for us a long trend going forward in place. liz: let's go macro and say do you like anything outside of the united states? or do you feel like you want to just nest around here? >> no, we do like things that have exposure outside the united states,
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
china perhaps have a problem with corn. i like monsanto here. i think they said really great things about corn. if you don't want monsanto go with corn. >>> next trade gold prices hit a new 2012 high on monday and up 10% in the past three months. is now the time to take profits. let's bring in founder and ceo of the management. is this a technical call on your part? >> there are three reasons why i sold half of my gold position. you have to book profits. in the wake of chicago fed president charles evans extremely dubbish comments we saw it hit the high. only went up $3. that was disappointing. most importantly i am seeing the presidential debate tonight. one of three debates. if mitt romney can land a single punch you will see gold go lower. i'm looking to buy it back. >> you didn't mention the fact that crude got crushed today. there goes the inflation case in the eyes of a lot. that has to make it consider to get rid of the second half of your position. >> not necessarily. there is a lot of waves over there with iran. i don't foresee a regime change. i'm focused on the presidenti
Oct 15, 2012 8:30pm PDT
of monsanto and other corporations against it. >> so you both touched on it when you were answering that question, the role of government and what is appropriate and i am curious more of a general question, starting with you mr. leno. what do you think that the government should do and when should the government step aside? >> certainly. >> one of the most important roles of government, and for state government is to provide public safety and i think that goes beyond just the police and fire protection, but also to make sure that we keep our air safe. that we keep our water clean and drinkable, which is not the case in many parts of the state right now. that we make sure that our food is safe as well. and so, that is where regulation does come in. there is also, when you ask where the government should step aside, we work on a bill this past year which reforms the regulations for permitting of solar installations for residents and commercial properties. this impedes the expansion of a great industry that is employing more and more people, that can provide more and more tax benefit t
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
monsanto leading the way. >> i'm a worried grocer. >> reporter: ray martinez said labelling would be a costly burden for grocers. >> it's a nightmare. every shipment we get, every product, every time, we need to keep records, written records of that. >> reporter: the vast majority of corn and soy beans grown in this country come from genetically modified seeds engineered in a lab to resist insects and pesticides. those crops are then used in a huge variety of processed food from cereals to soda. prop 37 would inform shoppers those products contain gmo. the food giants claim the labels will make consumers think there's something wrong with food. the pro labelling side insist as growing number of studies are lanking ge he in if i cally modified foods to growing health risks. >> americans have a right to know what's in their food. and corporations don't have a right to hide that information. >> reporter: polls show the measure is likely to pass and hopefully a start of a national trend. >>> the 91-year-old mayor of river falls alabama has resigned after pleading guilty to stealing from th
Oct 20, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, really, it's much more than about a label. yes, i'm a37. people tend to be suspicious of m monsanto, big companies that are behind this, that don't necessarily trust the fda, they don't necessarily trust bio technology, where some people in this feels biotechnology is going to be too high in so places. if you have to label something just for california, it's going te be pretty mplicated pretty quickly. >> they aren't asking that the products be made differently, they're just asking to let people know. >> that's a very good point. what that means is you can't have something labeled just for california. >> i've heard, though, that there's some thought that rather than have to break it, some gmo products in some of their foods and that cost will evtually get paid off to skurmds. >> you could be surprised, makes no difference at all. it could be you laperred. in that scenario, they would want you to reformulate. and he's with organics or non h gmo, it could lead to divorce. pretty much die verge he not is you're simply changing a label, 2 thousands. what do you gentlemecally. are not to
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
genetically modified foods are monsanto and dupont. why would they resist informing consumers about what they are eating when 61 other nations, including china and india, already label these products? >> well, that's a fair question, martin. it's a really fair question. i mean, at the end of the day all we're talking about here is a label. one can only assume that for monsanto and dupont they simply don't want consumers to know what's in their food, which quite frankly, is a stunning indictment of their credibility. >> why do they not want to know, tom? why do they not want us to know, todd? >> they're fearful, i think, that if consumers do know what's in their food, whether it's insecticides or bacteria or viruses, but we're really talking about genetically engineered ingredients, food that's altered in a laboratory, they're fearful people won't buy it. >> right. we have a republican running for president who, as you know, will say and do almost anything to win, and whoa wants the states to decide virtually everything, as i said earlier apart from abortion. if you win this on november the 6t
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
wednesday, let's hit cramer's mad dash ahead of the open. watching monsanto, a stock you've been watching for a long time. >> this was a disappointing number. this is the biotech of ag. this is the celgene of ag. people are getting negative on this. >> you talked mosaic last night as well. >> the ceo was on and i liked it but he was not saying pound on the table. they have a very interesting move in may that they can do to start buying back stock. they are locked in right now. but monsanto on the dip i think is buyable. >> you talked costco last night. there have been some analysts that have missed a run. you think in the end they might be right at this point? >> i've got to hold back here. here's the problem. we know there's a negative analyst out there. we know if these guys don't exceed the numbers -- by the way, you remember costco tvs. they don't like to raise price. on your great documentary you talked about that. >> b of a is positive. >> i'm just scared. i think it's such a big run if they miss out versus family dollar which didn't really do that great but expectations ar
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Oct 3, 2012 11:00am EDT
15 minutes. going to talk about monsanto and their earnings. nicole: we are looking at monsanto very closely. the numbers they posted for the quarter which were basically a loss again. the stock is trading down 1.3%. the world's largest seed company. and sales of corn seeds dropped 12%. cotton sales were also off. they did well with soybeans and vegetable seed sales. the big picture did post a fourth quarter quarterly loss. as a result you are seeing this move. and the outlook was also conservative for the new year. back to you. dagen: thank you nicole. breaking news, europe's markets closing right now. ashley webster is here with more. mr. webster? ashley: hey dagen yeah the latest jobs number in the u.s. gave a brief boost to european markets today. but guess what? the uncertainty over spain continues to weigh heavy on investors. the closing bell though a mixed picture, the ftse up about a quarter of a percent. dax also moving higher by about quarter of a percent. contact in paris moving -- cac in paris moving slightly lower. reports claim an official request could come as early as
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Oct 3, 2012 9:20am EDT
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Oct 23, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, that down about 3%. top holdings there, monsanto, dupont. david: liz, let's take a look at that index you were talking about, the volatility index. when things go south, as they have, this usually goes up. this is not a stock, this is an index, but there are stocks that are linked to this if you think things are going to continue to go south. this was just down below 15 not long ago, it jumped about 13% today, it's up to almost 19 right now. again, when it got down below 15, people began to wonder, jeez, how low can this thing go? apparently, it reached its limit at that point. liz: you could argue it was dupont and 3m with earnings reports that people didn't embrace, but today's selloff theoretically started in europe as worries mounted about spain's ability to overcome its debt troubles. again you see that the ftse 100 down about a percent, you saw the dax down 14 percentage points as well. david: when the bell rings, the action begins right here. we have facebook, netflix, broadcom and panera earnings. not so much what their earnings or losses are, but whether mark zuckerberg
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
have on tonight on "mad money." very disappointing. this is one of those where monsanto reports tomorrow. that's the star of the ag show right now. >> the story of the mosaics highlights the fine line at how much does the drought actually help the fertilizer in the farm equipment makers or how much does it hurt? because what they were seeing the caution because of the broader economy and the pull-back in anticipation of next painting season. and there's also mosaics most notable problems, lower beginning inventories to the season and lower mississippi river levels. their ability to meet on the production side was impaired and the ability to get the product to customers was also impaired. sort of a double whammy. >> i always find in if you look through and come one the reasons, that's a mistake. people wanted -- they are used to having the fertilizers, but this is the interview. daviders it was almost as if the guy felt entitled that the stock goes higher. this is wrong. it should be higher. that doesn't work. >> it's a strange one to make an activist case. you saw it down a bit
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
. watch ""squawk box"" starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >> monsanto expecting a bigger fourth quarter loss due to softer corn and cotton seed sales. >> our guest, tim, the jobs number that we got from adp was a little better than expected. how do you add it all up? >> i think this is what happens in a 2% growth economy. we're seeing s&p earnings now are unchanged year over year. so i think the reason for the stock market rally is because of the quantitative easing going on and people can't put their money anyplace that is going to earn them something. so this is what we're relegated to. >> and as jim cramer said, you can't fight the fed. >> can't fight the fed. the fed has 2 $1/23, trillion going higher. i think the problem is going to be when quantatative easing is over when the economy has to improve and they are unwinding -- >> how much gold do you have? >> enough to have bragging rights but not enough to make an enormous difference. but i've had it for about seven or eight years now. >>
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)